New Year – new beginning as the saying goes. None of this in our case. We are continuing our work from last year but planning to go even further by establishing and reaching some new goals.

One of them – is to get into interaction with the dub scene that we love so much ! That’s why Roughmind decided to organize a tour of dub legend – Mad Professor following his latest release “Dubbing with Anansi”. We’re very excited to work with this gentlemen and same time promote on this tour another of our artist – Dub Across Borders – who will bring some deep bass vibes from South America on this tour. All of this will come to you in March !

Furthermore – that will be also a very beginning of the dub series that we will promote . We had this concept in mind for quite a while but now it finally takes shape – great ideas need time.  We want to bring to you some straight dub and roots vibes to which you can skank for many hours with many other people spreading good energy. Soon – we’ll reveal more info about it – be patient.

As of label – we got some great feedback from people all around about our first release by ODD Harmonics “Traveller”. It did put a lot of smile on our faces. The date of the next release is not known yet as we’re filled up with work but don’t worry – this day will come and we’ll make sure you get to know about it !

So – 2015 seems to be pretty busy but same time pretty exciting ! We’d like to thank all our partners from last year for great cooperation and great work that they all did. We’re looking even more forward to see what we can make in this year !

Peace !

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